If you or your child are struggling educationally or in life and attempts to improve the situation have not been effective, a psychological assessment could very well provide the answers you want. If you are concerned regarding your child’s trouble learning in school and if your child has been diagnosed with behavior or a learning disorder, our center offers exactly what you are looking for.

Some of the Educational Struggles that We Frequently Assist with Include:

Comprehensive evaluations can help identify specific patterns of strength and weaknesses corresponding to specific disorders and the child’s difficulties resulting from them.

Kidspiration Provides Comprehensive Assessments to

To help you or your child, teen, or college student overcome these struggles, and obtain the appropriate intervention,

We Provide 4 Main Areas of Service:


With our comprehensive assessments, we gather information from parents, teachers, and school records and conduct individual testing in areas such as cognitive abilities, memory, attention, academic skills, and emotional/behavioral functioning. Through combining all of this information, we are able to make tailored recommendations based upon the profile of strengths and weaknesses. Such evaluations can also help gain accommodations such as extended time of tests as provided by CBSE.


When emotional, behavioral or social problems are interfering with an individual’s general or educational functioning, we provide practical, effective therapy to help improve these areas.


If you are unsure of whether an assessment or therapy would be most helpful, or just know that you need to sit and talk with an experienced professional to get support and direction, consultation might be the best fit for you.


Sometimes you might need assistance with interfacing with school staff to ensure that you or your child, teen, or college student are able to gain access to the appropriate accommodations and services. We have the needed training and background to help schools recognize these needs and offer the suitable interventions.