Psychological assessments are a means of gathering information from various sources (e.g., observations, interviews, school records and formal testing methods) to gain a comprehensive understanding of you or your child’s strengths and weaknesses and make an accurate diagnosis. The heart of our assessments is our recommendations, which are tailored to you or your child’s unique strengths and needs so that challenges can be overcome.

In order to maximize her potential to contribute to the field with full abilities and to complement her unique background with rigorous academic program she pursued further education and enrolled in the masters program at University of Central Oklahoma, USA. During her education she was selected as a graduate assistant and got an opportunity to work as a director in the Special School Services at the University. Under the supervision of her mentor Dr Mary Sweet Darter she learnt to employ best practices in measuring cognitive processes, academic achievement, behavior and personality and to provide parents and other professionals the evidence in diagnosing and addressing a referring problem. During her education she was on President’s Honor Roll and Dean’s Honor Roll. She was also awarded a Merit Award for Outstanding Graduate Achievement (2005-2006) and she was an Outstanding Graduate Student Nominee for College of Education and Professional Studies (2005-2006).

We provide the Following Assessments:

We conduct assessment through the use of standardized tests and procedures, developmental assessments are used to evaluate many areas of functioning. They can test intelligence (e.g., IQ) and achievement, as well as areas of functioning that impact performance in school, relationships with family and friends, and behaviors in home and community. We include parents as full partners in the assessment team.

The assessments will include the following steps: