Psychological assessments are a means of gathering information from various sources (e.g., observations, interviews, school records and formal testing methods) to gain a comprehensive understanding of you or your child’s strengths and weaknesses and make an accurate diagnosis. The heart of our assessments is our recommendations, which are tailored to you or your child’s unique strengths and needs so that challenges can be overcome.
We provide the Following Assessments:
Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments (including Asperger’s Syndrome)
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Assessments
Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities Assessments
Giftedness Assessments
Independent Educational Evaluations
Personality and Psychological Assessments
Neuropsychological Assessments
Functional Behavioral Assessments
We conduct assessment through the use of standardized tests and procedures, developmental assessments are used to evaluate many areas of functioning. They can test intelligence (e.g., IQ) and achievement, as well as areas of functioning that impact performance in school, relationships with family and friends, and behaviors in home and community. We include parents as full partners in the assessment team.
The assessments will include the following steps:
1: Review of developmental, medical, behavioral and family history
2: A clinical interview
3: Review of report cards, teacher information, results of school administered tests and results of any previous psychological evaluations
4: Individual testing in required areas such as cognitive abilities, memory, attention, academic and language skills, and emotional/behavioral functioning
5: A comprehensive report that includes answers to your specific questions, identification or strengths and weaknesses, diagnose, educational implications and recommendations
6: A feedback session to review the findings, recommendations, and answer any remaining questions
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